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Top 12 Reasons to Volunteer with Canadian Disability Resources

There are so many reasons why you will have a great experience volunteering with Canadian Disability Resources
  1. It is FUN! Voluntering can be a fun and happy experience.
  2. You're Contributing to Society! Society has given you so much: schooling, parks, libraries, and much more. Since society has given you all that, it would be nice to give back a little
  3. You Meet New People! Through volunteering, you can meet other people who like to volunteer. Then you can volunteer together and make great new friends!.
  4. It Looks Great on a Job Application! Most jobs want people with job experience. However, if you are trying to get a first job, you have none, and not many employers will hire you. If you volunteer, you can gain job experience through that...
  5. It Looks Great on a College Application! Most colleges want well-rounded students: students who are academic, social,and active in their community. Volunteering is an excellent way to show that you are active in your community!
  6. You Can Apply for Special Awards! There are several special awards offered to those who volunteer regularly.We have a great Volunteer reward program.
  7. You Could Get in the Newspaper! If your local newspaper notices that people are volunteering more and more and they just might come to interview you for a hot story! Just think: you could be famous!.
  8. Gain Job Experience -Volunteer experience looks great on a resume. Also, some of the work you do could lead to a job doing similar work.
  9. Meet New People and Establish Friends, Connections and References-When you work alongside others, you really get to know them and become friends with them. Also, adults at organizations where you volunteer can connect you to great opportunities and provide you with a useful reference for a job or college.
  10. You Will Get Respect! People are going to appreciate that you are giving back to your community, especially the people we are trying to help..physically challenged persons!.
  11. Improve Your Health and Self-Esteem Volunteering to help others has been shown to reduce stress, give you hope, and boost your self-esteem.
  12. Make the World a Better Place-If you see problems in your community that you feel need addressing, do something about them. By volunteering, you do make a difference and help make the world a better place.Spread Positive Energy and Hope-Just like random acts of kindness, when you volunteer, your energy and efforts affect the whole community in a positive way.