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Our Volunteer Program Overview


Volunteer Program Overview

We believe that the combination of the professional services provided by our staff in union with the helping hands and the keen attention of our volunteers is unbeatable in achieviing our mission and mandate of helping people with physical disabilities to live more fulfilling and independent lives. 

Learning opportunities for all ages

Folks of all ages and walks of life are among the hundreds of volunteers that we welcome each year. Canadian Disability Resources creates a dynamic learning environment for those who want to gain knowledge or share their own. Volunteers at Canadian Disability Resources are placed in various settings. We are flexible and we try to utilize our Volunteers skillsets, we consider this when we choose their activities, every effort is made to match each individual with an appropriate and satisfying assignment. Canadian Disability Resources is a friendly place where volunteers are appreciated and regularly thanked. Our annual Volunteer of the Year Awards recognize the outstanding service of volunteers. We take volunteerism seriously and we ask our volunteers to do the same.

Here are our key requirements:

  • Commitment:We ask all of our Volunteers to commit to at least 20 hours of service within one year or a summer term. This is inorder to ensure the volunteering time is productive, individuals should be able to work at least four hours per session.
  • Age:Volunteers should be 14 years or older - Unless parental appproval or guardianship approval is in place. There is no maximum age. We have many volunteers in their 70s and 80s.
  • Screening process:All volunteers are carefully screened and thoroughly trained, to ensure we have a mutually successful and rewarding relationship.
  • Potential volunteers must fill out our volunteer application, This application is then followed up with a personal interview by phone or in person. Once accepted our Volunteers are required to provide required ID and or documentation.

Let us know if you would like to get involved with our programs—and please spread the word to all those who might be interested in Canadian Disability Resources volunteer program.

Please fill in our Online volunteer application now.

*Interviews are by appointment only.