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Meet just a few of the many many "friends of the C.D.R.S." real people with real needs that were met with our recycling program.

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  • Charlene H. from Langley, BC

    Charlene H. from Langley, BC

    Charlene has scoliosis, diabetic neuropathy,her right knee was replaced 3 times. Charlene received a Pride power wheelchair.
  • Walter S

    Walter S

    Walter has heart failure resulting to limited mobility Pride Victory 4 wheel scooter w/ built in charger and front basket
  • James T

    James T

    James has COPD and has  difficulty walking even for a short distance James received a Optiway 3-wheel scooter with charger
  • Yueh Mei Jean L.

    Yueh Mei Jean L.

    Yueh Mei jean has poliomyelitis since she was 6 and had diffculty walking. Yueh received a Solo 3-wheel scooter with charger and front basket.
  • Brian T.

    Brian T.

    Brian can't walk any distance due to toes amputation. Brian received a shoprider power wheelchair with built-in charger, and brand new batteries. 
  • Lara S

    Lara S

    Lara suffers from fibromyalgia and muscle atrophy. Lara received a Quickie Breezy Manual wheelchair with a brand new cushion.
  • Siobhan H.

    Siobhan H.

     Siobhan H suffers from Fabry's disease and HIV+ Siobhan received an Evolution 4 wheel walker w/ front basket.
  • John C.

    John C.

    John C suffers from acquired brain injury. John received a quickie Breezy 600 manual wheelchair w/ VicAir cushion, seat.  
  • Satwinder D

    Satwinder D

     Satwinder D has Alzheimer's disease and received a Quickie Breezy Manua wheelchair with a brand new cushion.
  • Farida L

    Farida L

    Farida L suffers from sleep apnea and oestoarthritis REMstar M series CPAP machine
  • Stanley B

    Stanley B

    Stanley B. suffered from 2 heart attacks and stroke, has loss of use of left arm and received a Shower Chair with back support,height adjustable
  • Nikida S

    Nikida S

     Nikida S suffers from  vacterl anomolie and received a safety toilet frame with rails 
  • Katie H.

    Katie H.

    Katie H. suffers from myelgic encephaomyliitis, fibromyalgia, and allergies. Katie received a  Topro Troja 4 wheel walker with front basket and fabric seat
  • Marian W

    Marian W

     Marian W had a stroke with paralysis on left side, and received a  special ROHO cushion 18x18" from Candian Disability Resources.
  • Maria


    Maria received a manual Wheelchair from Canadian Disability Resources.
  • M. Khan

    M. Khan

    M. Khan had two knee replacements and suffers from severe Arthritis. Canadian Disability Resources provided a Airgo Rollator walker for M. Khan. 
  • Steve N.

    Steve N.

    Steve has a spinal cord injury and required an electric wheelchair. Canadian Disability Resources is honoured to assist Steve with an Invacare electric wheelchair Mk5 for mobility and for more comfort.
  • M. Valent

    M. Valent

    M. Valent suffers from severe pain and was in need of an electric wheelchair for mobility. CDRS was honoured to assist her with her special need of an electric jazzy wheelchair 1170 model.
  • Batistella, L.

    Batistella, L.

    L. Batistella had surgery that required her to use a walker. Canadian Disability Resources is pleased to provide her with a nexus walker.
  • Ming Lee

    Ming Lee

    Ming needed a hospital bed. Ming is a young quadriplegic man in Ontario, Canada. Canadian Disability Resources Society is honoured to have assisted Ming with his special need. 
  • E. Edwards

    E. Edwards

    E. Edwards, Suffers from age related physical disabilities and received a rollator walker from Canadian Disability Resources.