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Canadian Disability Resources engages our local community  to work together and help our seniors,veterans,and all persons with physical disabilities to acquire their individual and unique needs.

Home  Health & Fitness. Getting enough physical activity is an unending issue for disabled people, which is why chair exercises have been developed for them. Physical limitations and pain usually make it harder to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Home  Health & Fitness

Learning disabilities were not part of the everyday educational lexicon in the 1970s. Today, the topic is a commonly-used term in the academic world. Research shows that one-tenth of kids in the United States are diagnosed with a learning disability.

How to Earn Money at Home

As of March 2009, the official unemployment rate for physically disabled North Americans was 13.2%. If you are one of the many who want to work and are looking, consider starting a business from home in this forgotten niche.

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